I've Always Hated Hair


@1: I concur.
IM STILL SOOOO ANGRY. Ugh. This shit ALMOST ruined hippie for me.
Galt MacDermot, though.
Nipper, I saw your hippie doppelgänger a couple weeks ago at the Les Schwab in Ballard. I seriously did a double take. Almost asked if I could take his picture, but chickened out. Ha!
@4 true. the huge, gaping hole in this

i uploaded two of my favorite most #rare Galt tracks on Youtube, maybe i'll post tomorrow (dun dun dunnn)
if you were a teen in chicago in 1969 and the only musicals you saw were 'the sound of music' and 'fiddler on the roof', hair was a mind blowing revelation. however, seeing it in a packed crowd of blue hairs at the 5th avenue theater a couple of years ago was an affront to the ancestors.
and also, naked. everything is better with some naked on it. 1969 naked YAY-yuh . 2010 naked not so much
I actually really like it as a kind of history study, but I think it's very different for me because I was born after this era was thoroughly over. The attitude expressed is so completely foreign to me that it was interesting just to see what people thought of hippies while hippies were still new.