Yesterday, Nipper was giving Hair the biz, and I had to agree, I hated that flick—but Segal made one, simple, killer point about the soundtrack—it titles this very post.

Yeah, you right. Galt is the man. I first got hip to him when Supreme La Rock played "Space" on what might have by then been called "Street Sounds" (though it might've still been Rap Attack then)—seguing into the rap hit of the day that sampled it, Busta Rhymes' classic single "Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check".

Some years ago, I downloaded a compilation of Galt McDermot tracks on a p2p network I'll keep to myself. There's so much gold on it, but lovers of the Galt will already know this. Since the internet is here for people to be able to find cool shit, I uploaded three of the more awesome-but-obscure joints onto Youtube—"Down In The Southern Ocean" from Fergus Macroy's (AKA Galt himself) Mystic, the earworm "Red Leather Wristwatch" from The Karl Marx Play, and this killer from the Take This Bread/A Mass In Our Time LP:

Those major pipes, if you couldn't tell, belong to the late, great Nell Carter. But it wasn't until the daughter of the second vocalist (the celebrated Canadian singers-songwriter Salome Bey)—shot me a message on Youtube to thank me for putting up this song, one she'd never even heard before—that I felt truly justified in my strange, late-night fervor to upload a Canadian Broadway composer's lesser known works. Well alright.