Left to Right, Nardwuar, CJ
  • Cody Creel
  • Left to Right: Nardwuar, CJ
When a bunch of my friends were going to a Dream Salon/Pony Time/Stickers/Pelvis Wrestlies show last Sunday, I was kind of surprised when I heard it was going to be at the Mars Bar. I hadn't been to the Mars Bar in FOREVER... mostly because I haven't heard of a bill there with bands I knew about for a few years, which is too bad because it is not a bad walk from Capitol Hill and really is the perfect medium size for a really fun party rock show. But apparently last Sunday's amazing lineup was no fluke, as CJ Frederick has recently starting booking the room. CJ (who relocated to Seattle from NYC a few years ago and was formerly the drummer for local trio Big Eyes) says, "I really concentrate on taking care of the touring bands because I was on tour for almost a year straight before settling down in Seattle." CJ tells me, "It's also probably worth mentioning how myself and the sound guy Cody used to work at The Funhouse. We're not looking to make Mars Bar 'the new Funhouse,' but it definitely fills a gap that's wide open right now. And now Michelle Pannell puts on RadGoat every Friday at the bar, which are usually the heavier punk/hardcore/metal shows." I expect he'll will be luring us all to the Mars Bar soon enough with a calendar full of amazing punk rock bills. You can find out more info on their upcoming shows at their facebook page and blog.

Here are two members of Pony Time giving their assessment on playing their first show at Mars Bar Sunday:

"Seemed legit. I met CJ, and Cody from Funhouse was doing sound—bands got paid and it was a good turnout for a rainy Sunday. Could be a spot, you know?" -Luke, from Pony Time

"I would def play there again. It's the perfect size."-Stacy, from Pony Time.