OMG, Shuggie Otis to Play Triple Door April 23 & 24


ooooh damn that is major.
You might want to wait for early reviews from the tour before buying tix, because the last time he tried to headline his own show was a HUGE trainwreck.…
Hell yes! Scott Giampino/Triple Door booking human/ gets major props for making this one happen. Shuggie Otis is a mind-bendingly talented dude. It's true that like most of those types he's had more than his share of personal problems... but word is he's doing pretty well these days. BTW... the record that everyone should seek out is Freedom Flight... start to finish one of the best proto-funk albums ever. It contains the OG version of Strawberry Letter 23 mentioned above, George Duke and Aynsley Dunbar (and others!) as session players... the first song, Ice Cold Daydream, is a SUPER BAD ASS JAM... and Shuggie was 18 years old when he dropped that chunk-o-wax.
@2 Wow, that is cringeworthy. Let's hope Shuggie's gotten his shit together in the last dozen years.
@2 well i'd rather go and have a bad time than not go and miss a great time.. so ..i'm goin..