Is The Lava Lounge Closing?!?


mizz pac man @ everyone's favorite cafe racer
Heard rumor that Sylvia actually bought the place and there maybe some changes but not closing. Can't confirm 100% though.
It's closing. There is a potential buyer but it's not Sylvia, and it will likely change completely. Doors close Dec 1st.
All right. Friday the 30th. Let's do this!
Cafe Racer, Twilight Exit, and Neighbor Lady all have Ms Pacman. Yes, even in those arcade tables you can set your drink on!
Well now I have zero reason to go to Belltown ever again.
C'mon, @7. SHORTY'S...the best reason to go to Belltown!
I was really starting to enjoy DJing there...bummer.
Oof. She may not be aware of this, but Sylvia's been my girlfriend for twenty years or so now. THIS WILL NOT STAND!
The owner's daughter confirmed last night that it's closing. The new buyers are rumored to be the same people behind Bathtub Gin.
On only my second day, ever, in Seattle, Jim Rose of The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow pulled me off the street, and asked me if I'd help him take some photographs with some Mexican wrestling masks. In exchange for posing for a photo, I insisted that he buy me a drink.

We sat in the Lava Lounge, with Bebe, and talked about the Circus, chain saw football, and transvestites.

This was one of the first experiences that helped me decide to leave Detroit, and move to Seattle.
I met my wife at the Lava Lounge.
Only bar I've ever passed out in
The "yuppification" of Seattle is a depressing trend. If it hits Georgetown, I'm moving. Everything that made Seattle once great and fun is all but gone, replaced with condos and boring, overpriced, mediocre restaurants. No thank you!
WHAT??! But the Lava Lounge is where I do all my public making out! Bummer.
That's so weird. I rarely make it to Belltown but whenever I've been there it's always been packed. Did something change? One of the best parts about Belltown.
I agree it is a cool place. But I certainly don't have any illusions about a place filled with bearded hipsters any different to me than filled with so called yuppies.
This place was basically a second home for me too. I worked there, I did art there, I made friends and family there. I wish I could go back before it closes... Whoever buys this place should preserve it AS IS!!! Please do not gut it and make it "something new"... It is phenomenal as it stands... I'll miss this place and never go in if it changes. It would break my heart... Someone, anyone buy this place and keep the history going...
Man, you know you're old when someone's "old Belltown" is your "new Belltown".
Hey Seattle. The Lava Lounge is not closing. We have a buyer and they will be keeping everything the same. Plaease come by this month and have a beer.
The Lava Lounge is my woobie. It's one of the places that I go when I need a comfort or a lift. It's familiar, nostalgic and part of what made me fall in love with this city when I first visited nearly 20 years ago.
I hope it's just a rumor. I consider Lava Lounge to be the keystone of its block!
Ok everyone. I'm buying lava lounge. And it's staying lava. This place is a true staple of the community. Only changes being made are cleaning up the bathrooms and were adding flamed pirate ship cocktails to the menu. Party on! Spread the word.