Himanshu Suri, godfather of Greedhead Music and one part of Das Racist has released his latest mixtape Wild Water Kingdom to quite the twitter flurry, (twitterpation?), and it features two beats from local hero Keyboard Kid. One is a freestyle track and the other is the previously released "Let It Go".

While his last mixtape was pretty much a showcase for childhood chum and producer pal Mike Finito (and a good one at that), this tape features production from some of the freshest, if not the newest and bestest faces in hip hop: Keyboard Kid's beats hold their own in the lineup, keeping company with Harry Fraud, Steel Tipped Dove, and Le1f, and comes just before a destructively beautiful cut-up of Echo and The Bunnymen's "Killing Moon" by news-to-my-ears Yorissey of BLKHRTS (Denver indie goth hip hop?!).

Keyboard Kid is not the first Seattle artist called upon for support from the Das Racist camp. Jazz drummer Kassa Overall (now a Brooklynite) had a hand in the production of Das Racist's unforgettable breakout mixtapes Sit Down Man, and Shut Up Dude, and is rumored to be working on an upcoming collaboration with Kool A.D. to be titled Coffee and Cigarettes.