Which is fantastic to think about while I listen to this disgusting, pissing cold rain I'm hearing right now. So far, I definitely know that I'm going to go to the beach, and that I'm going to eat some shit, and that I'm going to a castle to see Purity Ring and a shitload of art. Flying Lotus, Zola Jesus and Dan Deacon are playing somewhere. There's a Maybach Music show at the Fillmore. (No Gunplay, no deal tho.)

I feel like I'm honor-bound to see this too:

World premiere of the short film Kurt (an abstract portrayal of the late Kurt Cobain), with a live version of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video choreographed by Ryan Heffington, and a live performance by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) at the Gusman Center

(Is this the first Nirvana reference on Line Out this week?)