Pitchfork's profile on Big Boi is full of good news. Not only will his collaboration with Modest Mouse see the light of day, but he also confirms that there are plans to collaborate with Kate Bush:

Pitchfork: What's happening with the stuff you did with Modest Mouse?

BB: It's for their record; it's coming. We actually took a trip back out there to go see them a couple months ago. I did maybe three records with them. Isaac [Brock] is cool, man, like cowboy cool. He showed me how to make a bong out of an apple and shit. For real.

Pitchfork: You've talked about wanting to collaborate with Kate Bush before, how's that going?

BB: It's coming, man. I talked to her on the phone. She's cool as hell— I didn't know she said that many cuss words. I sent her a couple records, too, and she loved them. But I had a deadline at the time, and she was just getting her son into school. She wanted me to come to her, so I have to go to London. We just want to hang out for a while and vibe first. I didn't want to rush it. But she could've been on a couple songs from this album— singing, playing, co-producing, whatever she wanted to do, I don't give a fuck.

Big Boi's new album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors will be released on December 11th. It does not feature any collaborations with Andre 3000 because apparently he was too busy doing Gillette commercials. (Haha! J/K!)

Read the full interview here.

(And speaking of Kate Bush, it's almost the time of year we can just listen to 50 Words for Snow over and over and over again.)