Xmas Balls
  • winter balls

I went to QFC to look over my candy options for lunch, and found a bag of CADBURY MINI EGGS, except they're called CADBURY SOLID MILK CHOCOLATES WITH A CRISP SUGAR SHELL (are you serious, that is the best name the Cadbury marketing team could come up with*??). They're just like Mini Eggs, only green and red and white and round and apparently for Christmas. They're ruling my world right now. I can't believe I didn't know about them sooner!

* For real though, check out all these weird names they came up with for their other choco-products! Twirl? Wispa? Flake? Mint Bubbly? Crispello? IN FACT, the Solid Milk Chocolates With a Crisp Sugar Shell aren't even on the product page of their website! Is this a conspiracy? Is Cabury not PROUD of this product? There had better not be trans lard beef hoof fat in them.