· Starting in December (the date is still being decided), Master Musicians of Bukkake's Randall Dunn and Midday Veil's David Golightly and Timm Mason will be putting on a night of synthesizer/drone-based music at Vermillion. The combined musical knowledge and keyboard mastery of these three players should make the prospect of this event tingle your every last vertebra.

· Bleached played a fantastic set at Neumos last Thursday. In attendance were at least three brooding teens accompanied by a parent, who, by just hanging out and enjoying the show, looked more normal and at-ease than their kid.

· Well, the Hostess with the grosstess—Hostess brand "foods"—has announced its plans to close down, leaving everyone to whine about how Twinkies and Wonder Bread will no longer be available for them to never think about unless they got locked in a rural gas station for more than three weeks and every other food option was covered in locusts (we're talking a postapocalyptic or M. Night Shyamalan scenario) or rotting, because that is what food is supposed to do.

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