In regards to this post by Emily Nokes:

Not only is there a Robert Downey Sr. AND a Jr., there's a next level threat coming at us on the music front. I got an email a few months ago asking me to book a show for Robert Downey Jr.'s son's band. In fact, this was their only selling point—it was in the subject line and everything. Which raised two questions in my mind:

1) Who would go to see a band just because the frontman's dad is a movie star? I mean, I know he was The Singing Detective, but nobody saw that movie. Not a ringing endorsement for Generation II's genetically God-given right to hit the road and bulk up on indie cred.

2) If this is the booking tactic they are going to use, why doesn't this kid just change his name to Robert Downey Jr. Jr.? It worked for Dale Ernhardt Jr. Jr. I think.

Anyhow, the band is called the Seems and they call their fans “seemsters.” Here is the video for the single "Buysexual."

On the YouTube page for this video, it requests that you like two Facebook pages: One for the band, then... well, this one. Seriously.

No, I didn’t book the show. So, to apologize to America, here's Robert Downey Jr. himself singing the national anthem.