One of the most common—and heinous—mistakes most bands make is not having a clavinet in their music. To state the bloody obvious, the clavinet creates one of the coolest sounds in the history of instruments. It's a keyboard with a husky, staccato twang in its DNA and it's played key roles in some of the funkiest tracks ever by Billy Preston, Sly & the Family Stone, Edgar Winter Group, the Commodores, Steve Miller Band, Parliament-Funkadelic, George Duke, etc.

Yes, clavinets are rather scarce in the wild, but, damn it, groups need to try harder to obtain 'em—unless they want to continue to handicap themselves with a clavinet-free sound. Use your connections, be resourceful, build one yourselves—do whatever it takes, people. Your music is too important for it not to have clavinet in it.

Below watch Funkscribe break down the multiple clavinet tracks in Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and be astounded anew at this classic.