White Lung Cancelled


I once almost couldn't cross the border because I had a pro-looking DSLR camera. WHAT? Thought I was going to take too nice of pictures, then sell them for $.

Once, my pal, J couldn't come to the USA because she was carrying a sewing machine. Another time, my friend, Carolyn couldn't cross the border because they GOOGLED her and found out she was a musician. Border bummers are the WORST.
I couldn't get into Canada once because I had no cash, despite having a debit and credit card on me.
Being a Canadian, I hear the "America band turned back at the border" story all the time. Last one for Regina -- or the last one I was at all bummed about -- was Screaming Females earlier this year.

I get the impression boarder guards don't understand music. Once, I was coming back from an Okkervil River show in Fargo and the guy at the border asked me why I didn't have any "holes" in my arms and hands, because he thought I would've been moshing, and that that's what happens when you mosh.
One time I couldn't get across the border because I had 15 mexicans stuffed into the lining of my seats