Stefan MC Ride Burnett
  • Victoria Holt
  • Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett

Sayeth Stranger photographer Victoria:

"It was an all ages show, and it was PACKED. Everyone was sweaty as hell. It was a great mix of different styles of people... punks, skinheads, hipsters. I even saw a guy with Axl Rose hair, with the bandana and the long straight blonde hair, with the center parted. The crowd was rowdy and yelling along, and Zach Hill (the drummer) was on point as always, playing at a blistering speed and sweating like crazy. He recently cut all his hair off so it makes for a very different experience watching him now without his hair whipping around. It's a lot more intense when you can see his every expression! The singer Stefan was really engaging, swaying around and raising his hands up, alternating between screaming into the mic and repeating low guttural raps. It was quite an experience. They ended pretty early, around 11. No encore as far as I know... but a great show!"

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All photos by Victoria Holt