(Showbox at the Market) While it's been more than a year since Blue Scholars' last full-length, Cinemetropolis, it's been almost 10 since their "wave"-making self-titled debut. And while their sound has evolved with the times, Prometheus Brown and Sabzi still balance relevant messages (see the extremely real "May Day" op-ed-column-made-single) with celebrations of "Town" culture and history (see "Slick Watts" and its corresponding video) to make some of the best hiphop in Seattle. Since Cinemetropolis, the Scholars have been expanding with individual contributions and side projects, from Sabzi's Townfolk instrumental series and work with Made in Heights to Pro Brown's Brownouts one-offs/B-sides comp and the Bar collab with Bambu, but their live shows are all about their expansive catalog of local classics. Young Seattle's premier locally sourced posi-hop duo Brothers from Another and punk-rap rabble-rousers Don't Talk to the Cops! open.