The Joy of the Single (sigh), There Is None Greater


The first 45 I ever bought was "Heart of Glass" by Blondie, I was in the 7th grade and played it non-stop. I still have that well-worn copy and, when I opened for Blondie with a DJ set a few years ago, at the Showbox, I told this story to Debbie Harry and her face lit up and she hugged me like an old friend.

My most favorite format of all-time, and this doc is MANDATORY viewing. I knew you would love it, Nips. So good.
Their bit on the 12" was really great too:
Versus "Frog b/w Go Tell It On the Mountain" from the International Pop Underground series of singles on K Records.
my first 45rpm was Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters, the b-side was an instrumental version and me and my brother would play it on 33 to scare the crap out of ourselves.