Stranger contributor/columnist Trent Moorman has an epic interview with Dick Dale over at Set aside an hour or two and dig into the in-depth query and response with the 75-year-old master guitarist. You'll learn a lot.

Trent helpfully has broken down the interview into its constituent parts:

I. Exotic Animals II. Evolution of Dick Dale Sound/Volume
III. Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon/Drugs IV. What Happens When We Die?
V. Angel Saying to Buy Lottery Ticket/Coyotes VI. Elvis
VII. Playing on Top of Space Mountain VII. Air Force Rescue/Plane Crash
IX. Dalai Llama/Lana as Nun X. Dick’s First Guitar/Becoming King of Surf Rock

Here's a choice Dale quote:

I went surfing every day from sunup to sundown. Every time I got rolled up and chewed up and spit out in a wave, I would emulate the sound that was going through my head as I was being pounded all over the place. Like when I play on my guitar sometimes when I do certain things, in my brain it sounds like a pterodactyl.

Read the whole bloody thing here and make Trent ecstatic... I mean, even more so than usual.