The year’s end looms near, and consequently all the music nerds are compiling their Best of 2012 lists. I’m still making some adjustments to my list while simultaneously holding out for the new Switchblade album that comes out on December 15. Note to Switchblade: who the fuck puts out an album in December? Anyhow, the most frustrating part of the list-making process is narrowing things down to a top ten. Some great records inevitably wind up getting dropped. It pains me to say that one album that won’t be making the cut is the self-titled debut by Seattle instrumental outfit Scriptures. Sorry guys, it was a tough call to make on such a fine album, but there were simply too many contenders for the top spots.

But Scriptures’ LP definitely deserves far more recognition than it received this year. Navigating between the dusty starkness of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ soundtracks for The Assassination of Jesse James and The Proposition, the icy expanse of Growing’s The Sky’s Run Into The Sea, the lurching crunch of early Pelican, and hypnotic propulsion of Pharaoh Overlord, the eponymous album shifts gears between various moods and dynamics with a fluid, haunting grace. Maybe I need to expand my list into a top 11.

Scriptures play at the Comet on December 13th.