2013 Grammy Nominationzzzzzzz


Har har! This is rich.

The person with the worst taste in Musik on the Stranger's payroll is complaining about the Grammies. How original thou art!
Every year/"eligibility period" in Music (as viewed through the lens of the Grammys) is weird, but some years are stranger/slighter than others?
The only good news here is that the soundtrack for "Journey" is nominated, which is incredibly well deserved.
The Grammys were really so many Relationshippy Feelings for Record of the Year:

"Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys,
"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" - Kelly Clarkson
"We Are Young" - Fun. Featuring Janelle Monáe
"Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye Featuring Kimbra
"Thinkin Bout You" - Frank Ocean
"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - Taylor Swift
Damn, I guess music really sucked in 2012.

Fuck you on the Gotye song though, it was fine.
I want to see "niggas in paris" take home a grammy and watch the uncomfortable white person have to say the song title.
This isn't as bad as the KEXP DJs who put that fucking lullaby music from Tame Impala as their top album of the year.
I gave up on the Grammys back in the 90s when Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart was up for everything while other artists who were truly miraculous never got a mention. It's more like the Billboard Awards now - going to the artist who puts the most quarters in the most pockets. Artistic merit - aside from maybe their Hall of Fame - has gone by the wayside. They really should stop calling themselves the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences though. I can't speak for the classical end of it, but pop, rock, jazz, r&b, and rap (rap...really?) - totally corrupt. Ever notice how they totally bathe an artist with awards one year and then you never hear from them again (until they have another hit) or how some people just keep getting nominated over and over and over and over again (Sting, Brian Setzer Orchestra, John Mayer to name a few)?

And let's don't forget the Academy's gift of prediction. Best New Artist of the year for 1977: Starland Vocal Band ("Afternoon Delight"). There are a lot of those.
@2: You ain't whistlin' Dixie! One year an album can be nominated, the next year all the singles from the album can be nominated, the following year the live version of the same songs can nominated - all because of eligibility periods.
The Grammies are always terrible. I almost cared when I saw that Miguel is nominated in a handful of categories but that faded when I remembered it's the Grammies and then I stopped caring.
It's all so scandalous! Niki Minaj and Justin Beiber got SNUBBED.

I read that as you're laughing your ass off that a band called Barf is nominated for best pop group. Upon rereading it—disappointment.
@7 - totally! And worse yet, hearing Alabama Shakes makes me want to throw myself on a knife. That band is so awful and to hear KEXP dj's wax on about them makes it even worse.
@13 their ultimate crime as of late is playing anything off of Psychedelic Pill. The station has got to be getting some kind of pay-for-play for that shit, it's atrocious.
Line Out Top Albums of 2012:

1) Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
2) Beastie Boys - Check Your Head
3) Whoever the Showbox sent us an email about today
4) Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill
5) Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
6) Sublime - 40oz to Freedom
7) Offspring - Smash
8) Mad Rad - (Not sure but heard they were fresh and cool like maybe Beastie Boys???)
9-10) N/A didn't listen to any other albums
This just in!: Music is subjective.
Why is Most Nominations full of artists who only have one song that they then release over and over and over? Don't get me wrong, I actually like the Black Keys' and Mumford & Sons' one song each... but they only have one song each. Or maybe, like, at best one song per album. And after you hear it six times, you just don't necessarily want to hear it any more.