(Tractor) Battleme fact #1: If you watch Sons of Anarchy, you've heard Battleme. The Portland artist (aka Matt Drenik) has had his music featured in several episodes, including his cover of Neil Young's somber "Hey Hey, My My." Battleme fact #2: My surprising appreciation for Battleme is causing a personal crisis. He plays electro-tinged indie-dance songs reminiscent of Ghostland Observatory, and the guy is signed to GO member Thomas Turner's label Trashy Moped (with Turner even producing some of his tunes). But dudes, I DON'T LIKE GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY! But I like Battleme, so what does that mean?! Thankfully, it's not just cut and paste—for instance, there's a little bit of a Beck quality on the mellow, echoing "Doin' Time in My Head Ain't Cheap" (without the Scientology ties... I think... I hope).