Photos: Deck the Hall Ball (M83, Metric, Passion Pit, and more)


I'm guessing The Killers didn't allow photos again.
Wow so many boring people watching so many boring bands.
The Killers didn't allow any of the local press to take photos of their set. I think they have a usual tour photographer, possibly Torey Mundkowsky, who's possibly Brandon Flowers's brother-in-law, and make a set of images available after the show.

I won't deny that they have some solid arena-flavored rock jams, but something about their live delivery just makes me miss listening to the record versions. They started about a half hour late (and left the house lights on for opener "Mr. Brightside"). Let's just say that nine hours in Key Arena is a lot of hours in Key Arena; so I only stayed for a couple of speak-sung songs and dashed out before the (likely) confetti finale.

We bow, right? In unison, and we're off the stage before the applause dies out. You unplug and you run, run offstage! Smiling, smiling, of course.
It was actually a decent show, except for Metric. How they got a top slot is beyond me. Or out of my price range.
Pfft. Metric is great.
Hey that's me with my arms up!
The bottom picture, i mean