If Facebook and Tumblr feeds are to be believed, it seems that prolific hardcore/punk musician Sarah Kirsch has passed away after a battle with Fanconi anemia and leukemia. Prior to coming out as a trans-woman, Kirsch was better known as Mike, and played in bands such as Sawhorse, Pinhead Gunpowder, Fuel, Torches To Rome, Fifteen, Silver Bearing, Navio Forge, Bread and Circuits, John Henry West, and a slew of others. Her impact on ‘90s DIY hardcore was beyond measure.

Back in 1994, Kirsch booked a show in Petaluma on my band's first (and ultimately aborted) West Coast tour. The fact that this figurehead in hardcore was willing to set up a show for a no-name band full of teenagers touring on a demo left a strong impression on me. Rest in peace, Sarah. You’ll be missed.