· Ripping Vancouver punks White Lung had to cancel their Chop Suey show last Thursday due to those pesky "border problems" that happen from time to time when musicians try to cross the border into or out of Canada. COME ON. Did we forget Canada's birthday? Did they forget ours? Does anyone in any country anywhere really care if musicians make $70 in their nonnative land?

· After recently experiencing the fourth installment of Motor—an experimental-electronic-music night at Lo-Fi featuring great local producers like Panabrite, Patternmaster, and TJ Max—it's clear to us that Debacle Fest organizer Sam Melancon should curate a showcase at next year's Decibel Festival. Debacle @ Decibel: It's such a natural linguistic and sonic fit.

· The fantastic Cinnamon Girl, a six-piece Neil Young cover band, played their first show at the Comet on Friday (with King Dude, DAN'Z ID, and Partman Parthorse) and reminded everyone how beautiful early-1970s-era Neil Young was (helping us to forget, if only for a few moments, the unfortunate Cat in the Hat hat phase I swear he went through a few years back, though I can no longer find proof of this anywhere). In the Comet bathroom, an intoxicated gal announced it was her "first night ouuut in Seeeaaaattle!!!" and walked out of the stall before zipping up her pants. She also left her umbrella on the sink, on purpose, saying cryptically, "I don't need that anymore," even though it was pouring rain.

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