I've thought a lot about Dave Brubeck since Wednesday and, from what I can tell, it's true, I KILLED HIM. Three days AFTER I decided to make desperately needed room by selling off ALL of my Dave Brubeck Qunintet records, seriously, I got rid of like 20 LPs, the mofo up and DIED. I DIDNT KNOW SELLING OFF THOSE RECORDS WAS GONNA MAKE HIM DIE!! I just needed the space!!! It's not that I don't LIKE his smoove, suncopated West Coast Jazz tinkling, I just don't have room for keepin' them records...so...I parted ways.

I know that clip ain't Dave Brubeck PLAYING, but the Ruins do a real fine job at (ahem) KILLIN' this 9/8 vs 4/4 DBQ classic.

Thing is, this is, perhaps, not the first time I MURDERED by purging records; coincidentally three days after I got rid of my LARRY HAGMAN 45, "Ballad Of The Good Luck Charm," that mofo ALSO died. Weird. Uh, it also seems to work the other way also...the day MichaelFUCKINGJackson died was the FIRST time I'd EVER bought a Jackson 5 record. NOT KIDDING. Obviously, COSMICALLY I'm responsible. Hmmmmmm, if taking a purging scythe to my record collection means SOMEONE hasta die maybe it's time to get rid of my EDDIE MURPHY RECORD!?