The ~!@#$%^ Crusaders get their own card, but not Alice Coltrane?! WTF?
  • Dave Segal/The Stranger
  • The ~!@#$%^ Crusaders get their own card, but not Alice Coltrane?! WTF?

This weekend while digging for records at Portland’s Crossroads mega-store, I noticed that one of the vendors had filed Alice Coltrane’s LPs in the JOHN COLTRANE section. What kind of bullshit is this? Right—sexist bullshit.

Any cultured individual should know that the late Alice Coltrane deserves not only her own section in a goddamn record shop, but a fucking shrine. Her catalog vibrates with some of the most spiritually elevated and sonically fascinating astral jazz ever made. Sure, her husband influenced her music, as he did many other musicians', but Ms. Coltrane went on to become her own very special artistic force. Show the woman some respect, music retailers—and don’t even think of putting her stuff in MISC JAZZ C, either. (Note: Crossroads consists of several merchants’ wares, so this is not a blanket condemnation of Crossroads, but merely one of its vendors. Also, several record stores have been guilty of this practice in my many years of scouring them. They know who they are and they should hang their heads in shame.)

This marginalizing of Alice Coltrane needs to stop. Do record-store owners file Yoko Ono’s works with John Lennon’s? (You know, I think they do, sometimes, the bastards.) Do Carla Bley’s get slotted in with Paul Bley’s? Boss Hog’s with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's? Come on, music-emporium people, sort it out (literally).