Over the years Jefferson Fartshit Starship has been rightfully crucified by us hateful fucks here at the Stranger™ and, today, I just can't help but adding ANOTHER "Starship WTF!? You SUCK!!!" hateful fuck post. Except...THIS is actually Jefferson Airplane's REUNION from 1989; I forgive you if you think this is Jefferson Fartshit Starship, I can't tell the difference either. Ugh...I try not to get too hung up crappy reunion tracks, but "Planes" left me wondering how do you go from genius of the Jefferson Airplane to creating Jefferson Fartshit Starship jams as the Jefferson Airplane without THINKING, "This is terrible, have we no shame, what about the fans, the revolution?!? DOES OUR DIGNITY NOT COUNT FOR ANYTHING?!" I know, a bullshit reunion is STILL a bullshit reunion, I can only guess they were promised cash and hopeful for a comeback, but this CRAP easily makes "We Built This City" sound GREAT.

I've honestly listened to this a ton, trying to hear ANYTHING redeemable...erm, REASONABLE, about this track. Really, anything that'd make me feel they could be tied to their former greatness, but there ain't. The song does seem to be autobiographical; a Paul Kantner song about his childhood obsession with (ahem) planes. This is yet another reason why I'm sooooo thankful I quit listening to the radio in 1982!!!