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If there were ever three sources you could trust to bring you good roots/Americana music Hearth Music, Ball Of Wax, and Greg Vandy (KEXP) are it. They've teamed up to bring you the third annual installment of A Tribute To Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music down at Columbia City Theater on Friday Dec. 14.

Who the hell is Harry Smith you ask? Well, Devon Leger of Hearth Music describes him like this:

Released in 1952, the Anthology of American Folk Music, three LPs of mystically arranged, scratchy old 78 records and a whole sheaf of cryptic liner notes, has become one of the most important record reissues of all time. Its compiler, Harry Smith, was an underground artist, mad genius, and collector savant, and his collection of music would go on to create the folk revival, directly influence everyone from Bob Dylan to the Grateful Dead, and confound scholars for generations. Harry's eccentric and underground existence all started here in the Northwest, growing up in Bellingham and Anacortes (he enrolled at UW for one quarter), before moving to Berkeley where he smoked a joint (late 1940's) and became one of the greatest and early record collectors.

In the spirit of the impresario himself, Heath, Ball of Wax and KEXP have lined up some amazing musical acts to perform this tribute. From the press release:

featuring special animation from Seattle's own resident genius Drew Christie (plus... shhhh... Drew's going to be channeling the spirit of Harry Smith directly), we've got a great lineup. From NW legend Baby Gramps to well-loved indie roots bands The Horde & The Harem and Led to Sea, ass-kicking Canadian rootsters The Sumner Brothers, Vancouver BC folk sprite Jenny Ritter, babyface Portland jugband king Jacob Miller, frenetically funny identical twins The Canote Brothers, Seattle fan favorites the Washover Fans, and lots more!"

Tickets here.