Well, here's my favorite video of the year.

I've already discussed this song and it's merits—but this black and white treatment (a surreal post-"Passin Me By" LA wasteland), with its nicely restrained terror, is the perfect visual accompaniment to a song that's both an extension of and a 180 from "Yonkers"—whose depraved video first really put OF on the map. (I imagine this is the sort of obvious idea that's already been written ad nauseam about this video, and that the sharpest rap critics have gruffly rebuked or something, but that's how I sees it.) Odd Future's evolution continues to be one of the most interesting stories in hiphop right now. (Even Jay-Z can aknowledge this.)

But back to Earl, looking grown and distinctly Xannied-out, as he floats through the kind of deserted, subtle nightmare that always scans to my brain as the most terrifying. The dirt is on his psyche, the frogs survey the damage, and it's the back of Earl's jacket that says what we're all thinking: "what the fuck is really going on?"