One of Seattle's most intelligently curated record stores, Wall of Sound (along with its space-sharing tenant, the excellent Spine and Crown Books), is going to have to move operations by June, when the edifice (on Pine between Bellevue and Melrose) in which it's housed will be repurposed into a seven-story building. There's been some confusion about Wall of Sound's status, moving into 2013. Owners Jeffery Taylor and Michael Ohlenroth have issued a statement to clarify matters.

There has been some confusion regarding our pending move to a new location and we'd like to clear it up for everyone that is concerned. We will begin to look for a new space in January 2013 (it's possible we could remain here until the summer.) We will remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL at our current location until we find a new space. When we DO find that awesome new spot we will be sure to tell you all about it. We hope to only be closed for a day or two while we complete the move to wherever our wonderful new place may be. WE ARE HERE - WE ARE OPEN - COME BUY A RECORD!

Check out an in-store performance by R. Stevie Moore at Wall of Sound from 2011 after the jump.