You know how I praise the Stop Biting weekly at Lo-Fi at least 3 times a month? It ain't for my health, although that benefits, too. It's because the music it champions—especially in the front lounge—consistently refreshes hiphop's lifeblood and keeps the culture vital both on the dance floor and in the speakers.

You can check out 11 examples of the Stop Biting aesthetic with Stop Biting Beatmakers Compilation Vol. 1, courtesy of upstart local label Care Package. The opium-den-dreamy Sentric track, "Touch," is an early favorite. (Sentric: If you're reading this, send me more music at A web search turned up very little.) I'm also feeling strongly the WD4D and Arthur Russell Simmons' cuts (the latter has one of the best noms de musique we've seen in a while, too).

Tonight is the release party for the comp. Read more about the particulars here and here.