Worst Music I've Ever Heard


Almost sad that every time you post something like this I know it will be something I like hahaha. (Can't say anything about their performance because I wasn't there, but I like their newest album quite a bit.)
@1 to be fair, i've never heard them recorded. and as i said, the tracks actually seemed decent. but the MCs' delivery and stage presence was infuriating.
Great, great, GREAT review.
this is real. rapping over yourself at the show is so so dumb and so many people refuse to do otherwise.
@Brian + Lar - A problem I've had with many hiphop shows for years. Cannot understand why people still do that.
That Crisco Kids show sounds pretty awesome. One wonders what they're up to now.....
....and YouTube provides an answer: still sucking at music in 2009.
Stop posting Line Out shit on Slog. It doesn't belong there and if your posts can't generate traffic on their own merits on the appropriate blog, maybe you shouldn't be blogging/posting at all.
This is great. Brian, there's actually a documentary on Netflix about that Little Rock punk scene.
@8 i don't have Netflix. do they mention the chicken coop in North Little Rock? I played there the next year with Cop Sodomy.
Sounds like a "Tricky" concert I once saw.
you have been on fucking point today, Brian. are you still going to contribute to Line Out after you move?

@7...it's sad yr mad.
Cookie? flesh Compressor?
Little Rock! I remember Chino Horde, Generation of Vipers, and William Martyr 17, but those maybe before your time.
You are way off base with the Crisco Kids.
ugh...Little Rock. We played at The Parlor in 2000. When I booked it I was unaware that it was literally the back room of a tattoo parlor. Played with a Crisco Kids equivalent, very young, likely their 1st or second show. 12 people in the audience on a tuesday night. The owner had taken a heroic amount of speed earlier in the day. by the end of the show he was in crashed-out, surly mode and pulled a knife when I asked about getting a few bucks for gas. This was followed by an oil change where the dudes from the shop wouldn't give us our keys back until we 'tipped' them. Why can't school shootings happen there?
Coasting on Odd Future hype. Eventually there won't be enough of that to go around.
@16 I think Tyler, Earl, Syd and Frank will be aiite.