I received an email at around midnight on Monday from one of my favorite Vancouver, B.C. multi-media artists, Crystal Dorval. I've been trying to set up a show for her in Seattle for for-ev-er but she's one of those geniuses who are so immersed in her ambitions that communication can pretty sporadic.

The last time she played music in Seattle was when her band My Friend Wallis had an in-studio during a program on Hollow Earth Radio a few years ago when that lunar eclipse happened. We brought the room mic outside in-between their two-part set and broadcast the whole event thing until the clouds blocked our view of the sky. It was really special.

The band broke up last year, but Joe McMurray, who played drums, moved to Montreal and now hits things for Mac Demarco, and Olivia Meek, who played bass, have a new groove called Regular Fantasy and for a second, Will Anderson of WEED played bass in place of Meek.

Since My Friend Wallis ended, Dorval released an album under the name of DAD, which eventually was renamed and morphed into her current moniker (or band), White Poppy. Unless you ask her or were able to get in on the DAD stuff, you might not find it lying about on the internet.

This is all to give context for Crystal Dorval and the fact that she curated a comp of Xmas covers called Whiteout. I'm not sure where many of the bands on this come from, but I'm assuming they're all Canadian with the exception of Portland's Virgin Blood. It should be noted that this comp doesn't suck because it's all experimental music and not the pop garbage you get in your sock every year. I'd rather get coal!

You can download this comp for free at the Whiteout Soundcloud