Well, after years of reading all those David Icke books on the Reptilian Agenda and listening to every conspiracy for Mayan Apocalypse, December 21, 2012 is finally here. I thought I would have planned something more glamorous for it, like renting out the Space Needle for a BYOQ Party (bring your own Quetzalcoatl.) But since it's already the afternoon and the shape-shifting race of Reptilians have not yet laid eggs into any of our abdomens or whatever, I have decided to take the next logical step and started to make a handy Mayan Apocalypse playlist. So far I have:

"The End" (Doors cover)-Nico
"I Wanna Destroy You"-Soft Boys
"Curtains For You"-Only Ones
"Death May Be Your Santa Claus"-Mott The Hoople
"Five Years"-David Bowie
"It's the End of the World As We Know It," by R.E.M
"Blackened," by Metallica
"Till The World Ends"- Britney Spears
"When The Man Comes Around"-Johnny Cash
"London Calling,"-The Clash
"Waiting for the End of the World"-Elvis Costello
"Lizard"-King Crimson

Any more suggestions???