(Chop Suey) I have a friend who tells me that by this day, everyone would be wise to have stocked up on water and gold bars, since the world's not actually going to end, it's just going to CHANGE. A LOT. So heed this advice and bring your cases of water and gold bars to Chop Suey, where you can bargain with a shape-shifter for entrance to this sure-to-be-super-fun show! The Pharmacy will be there, saved from certain death by playing their fuzzy punk-party tunes to Mother Reptile—captivating her cold heart with tales of Chinese finger traps and tropical yetis. With Pleasureboaters (back at it after four years!), Wimps (one of the best local bands 2012 gave us), and Branden Daniel & the Chics (frenetic boozecore).