Moebius is the pseydonym of Parisian realist, script writer, and comic book artist Jean Giraud. You may not recognize the name, but you've seen his work. His story concepts for films like Heavy Metal and Alien, his wordless adventure comic Arzach, his western comic series Blueberry, and his iconic "Parable" chapter of the Silver Surfer changed the face of science fiction storytelling over the last 40 years.

Vox Mod is the psuedonym of local, but otherworldly, electronica artist Scot Porter, who teamed up with his brother Kyle Porter (Lazer Kitty, The Walking Wounded) to complete their latest installment of their UnSound America Artist Series, which works as follows:

The Artist Series is an ongoing, revolving-door collaboration featuring core members of U/A including Kyle Porter, Vox Mod, and potentially many others. Each album is inspired by and dedicated to a particular visual artist. The process begins with one composer who completes their tracks as desired. This composer then hands their music off to a collaborator. The second person adds their own sounds, taking into account their own personal feelings on the subject matter and the original mix. The end result is a two-stage musical experience designed to expose our listeners to great works of art and the people behind them.

Humanoid is their (unauthorized) tribute to the artist who died earlier this year. It soars with cinematic feel, evincing the extra terrestrial vision Giraud executed so vividly in his oil paintings and illustrations. Vox Mod has hinted to the influence in his earlier works, naming a track "Moebius" on his 2011 work HAZMAT, but the effect is fully realized here in a six chapter series of songs that breath a soundtrack into Jean Giraud's work.

Check out the song "Arzach", originally a wordless comic that relied on illustrations alone to tell the story of a pterodactyl piloting truth seeker. Here the brothers have made escalating arpeggios float over a terrain of beats, and used careening whistle to simulate the feeling of flying, before landing softly on the next track.

Go download the whole thing for free over here.