While reading Jezebel this morning, I was updated on two disgusting (kind of) Christmas related inflictions: Christmas Tree Rash, and the possibility that your tree is infected with something called bark lice. Both have equally gross names and parallel the whole post-Christmas hangover, where we try and discard memories of heated political arguments with our Republican uncles and cast away our Franzia-stained Christmas sweaters to the trash in order to properly prepare for the days leading up to New Year's Eve.

In this magnificent, party-soaked taint between the two holidays, we can look forward to this Boat Party/Maxines/Shivas show at the Comet on Friday! Boat Party's high-energy, 20-minute set guarantees to unleash the champagne-soaked magnificence of renting a hot-tub boat on Lake Union while drunkenly listening to the Spice Girls with your most hilarious girlfriends (besides sharing the guitar player Julia Shapiro from Chastity Belt, the two bands also are connected by their bassists being sisters...you can read an interview with them here.) As if that isn't amazing enough, Portland psyche-poppers The Shivas and the Olympia guitar-and-drum duo the Maxines are both K Records bands that will bring the post-Xmas/pre-NYE glitter party into full swing.