In anticipation of spending hours on air travel over the Christmas holiday, I picked up a copy of a book called Loser: the Real Seattle Music Story. The spine and cover made it look kind of simple, like it could be another of the boring books that simply cashed in on grunge-splosion. A quick look inside revealed that author Clark Humphrey is actually a mad scientist who meticulously mapped Seattle's musical origins from its very beginnings. It's now very easily my favorite book on the subject, crammed full of information and images.

I'll probably be posting some of these artifacts as I dig them up on the Interweb. I first thing I looked into was the 1978 four song EP by Chinas Comidas. This five piece genre-bending group played a compelling brand of triumphant PNW no-wave that has refreshingly original rhythms for that area. It was so easy to write songs that sounded punk back then, but to blend Pere Ubu and Nina Hagen without maybe even knowing it is so excellent.


Another Chinas Comidas 7" a year later and a CD compilation in 2006 seem to be the only releases on the Exquisite Corpse Records label. Miraculously, this excellent single can still be bought at a decent price!