Macklemore and the Death of the Music Industry


This is only "sad news" to record company execs who don't think they have to grind to make millions and billions. Perhaps also to mainstream music listeners also, who's relationship with music means flipping a switch on their radio or TVs. The underground is stronger (and more accessible) than ever, and to the people indebted to these scenes - performers, club owners, booking and promotion agents, bloggers and fans - I'd say it's a very special time to be involved in music.
Macklemore hired a fucking PR firm to foster a faux DIY image. Same old fucking shit.
I spend as much money on Bandcamp as I ever did on CDs, I just get more music and less clutter. The difference is that all the revenue isn't getting reported in the same metrics because it's diffused over a bunch of different independent artists who aren't beholden to shareholders instead of centralized through large corporations. I wouldn't call this the death of the music industry. It's our victory over the very idea of music as industry.
It began with Napster, and nothing can stop it.

Maybe this is true, but I really doubt that digital music or filesharing was the actual cause of the decline of the industry. It may, however, be because the arrival of "Napster" coincided with the wide availability of so many new ways for people to distract themselves and at approximately the same time that the industry had just finished selling CD versions of old records and cassettes to people who wanted to bring their collections into the late twentieth century.