I saw that this band Uh-Oh were playing a show tonight, and I thought maybe it was this OTHER band called Uh-Oh from Wisconsin (I was about to be all mad like, you jerks come to Seattle and don't even call??), but no, the Uh-Oh in question is actually a Seattle duo who play loud music, and from what I can tell from a couple shaky Facebook posted vids, their drummer is awesome.

ANYWAY. Since you asked to hear every thought that was going though my head when I read the invite to this show... When I saw a band on the bill called Trophy Wife, I assumed there was no way it could be the Philly band of the same name. But THIS TIME I was right! It IS the same band! And they are rad—a duo playing heavy jams with themes like social change and non-comformity.

Also playing are Seattle bands Helms Alee and Bali Girls, go check it out!

Tonight at The Comet, 922 E. Pike // $8