Brutal Vaginas: Author Laina Dawes sheds light on being a black female in the metal scene with her new book, What Are You Doing Here?.

Buy, Buy My Darling: The Misfits are releasing a new live album, Dead Alive on February 5th!

Get Your Snark On: New Season of Portlandia starts this Friday!

Punk Money Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?: Good! Cause for $199 you can purchase the new NOFX box set including ALL released material and a pair of Fat Mike's fudge-tracked boxers* (*Fat Mike's fudge-tracked boxers may or may not exist).

Send Your Eardrums to Rehab: You love Motorhead. You love headphones. Then you'll love Motorhead headphones.

Pot Head: Lil Wayne gets the word "BAKED" tattooed on his head. He's just doing what we're all thinking.

I Can't Drive...65!!!: Driving 90mph in a 65mph zone while possessing marijuana doesn't bode well with CHIP. Watch Frank Ocean sweeten the deal with a suspended license.

Trippy Canvas: What can you make out of ink, white-out and, coffee? This psilocybin of a video.