"Kenny May was in the Hospital"


funny enough, that is the only DK album i don't own (not including bedtime for democracy, because nobody really needs to own that). still got any copies?
So has your experience with discogs.com been good or bad? I'm looking for an alt. to the eBay machine.
@1: Yeah, two of them!


@2: It's a lot better than eBay. Much lower fees, fewer maniacs. You get to set the price which is great, but the worldwide exposure might not be as great. The lack of maniacs makes up for that, I guess.
the only time I've tried buying something off Discogs, I got a great deal on Jeffrey Lee Pierce's "Wildweed". then it showed up totally cracked in half. not sure how to feel since then, but I'm sure I'd give it another shot someday. it seems like it's better for the seller more than the buyer, which is cool if you sell a lot of records online I suppose.
Can you explain the "ebay maniacs" thing?
Ordered one of your copies, hell yeah buddy!
@4: Man, "Hey Juana" is on that record! That song is so brilliant, I could listen to it on repeat all day long. Your record probably cracked due to some goon in a post office, no? I just had a problem not receiving a record that I paid for, the seller claimed a family emergency and sent a refund. I think Discogs is better because it's usually people who know and care about music, as opposed to someone selling something they found in a basement.

@5: Maniacs, eBay. I dunno. I have 2,573 positive feedbacks on eBay and zero negatives. Yet I received messages from eBay claiming that people complain about things they've received from me. Nobody's ever written to me about it, yet I get the same message from eBay every week. It's fucking confounding. It looks like this:

"Dear caliente!

Your seller performance is below standard under the US seller performance standards program.If you are not meeting minimum performance standards, funds from your sales may show as pending in your PayPal account and not be available for a period of time. Selling limits will also be placed on your account. Learn more about how to get your funds faster by providing tracking information and marking items as shipped.

Based on your ratings, we recommend you focus on writing better item descriptions for your listings, and communicating promptly and professionally.

Writing better item descriptions for your listings
Buyers rely on the information in your listing description to decide whether and how much to bid or buy. To better manage their expectations:
- Write simple and clear descriptions, with no misleading or conflicting information.
- Use original rather than stock photos.
- Provide details regarding the condition of the item, fully explaining any defects or flaws.

Learn more about how to improve your ratings with better item descriptions.

Communicating promptly and professionally
By keeping in touch with your buyers and maintaining a positive, professional tone, you can resolve many concerns before they become problems.
- Make sure nothing you say in your listing discourages buyers from contacting you.
- Respond promptly to all questions or concerns.
- Update your buyers on the status of their purchases.

Learn more about improving your ratings with better communication.

Visit your Seller Dashboard often for specific details about your performance and areas where you can improve."

Plus, the value of things seem to be all over the map on eBay these days.

I mean, I believe that's probably the case. my blame is at least partially on the sender for not putting a backboard in the mailer. also, while I'm sure they were a person who gave a shit about music, they also were liquidating a friend's record collection so it's hard to gauge one's level of interest in a task like that. anyway, they refunded me 50% so I gave them neutral feedback. fair trade.

yes, 'Hey Juana' is on that record. it's a fucking solid album. I remember being able to find it all the time back in the 90's, but that was when everyone I knew besides Gabe from The Starvations maintained that all Gun Club-related material post-'Miami' was awful, so I never picked it up. of course I lived in Orange County, so I should have known better than to trust anyone's opinion on anything. now it's rare as hell.

would you meet up to sell your reks off Discogs if you're selling local? I have real issues with paying for shipping when it's just going a few miles away. I promise, I'm not a murderer.
I'm fine, y'all. Thanks!
@8: Yeah man! Feel free to get in touch and stop on by!