• Woodsist
  • III (that's the title)
For better or for worse, I'm more likely to judge a record by its label than by its cover. And that's what convinced me to check out the new track from Portland's Eat Skull despite the naff artwork to the left, because it appears on the tasteful Woodsist label, home of MV & EE, White Fence, and the Babies. I'm glad I did.

If you like the 'Stones on psychedelics, i.e. Their Satanic Majesty's Request, you might feel the same way. I can't speak for Eat Skull's new full-length, their first for Woodsist, since I haven't heard it yet, but Rob Enbom recalls Mick Jagger on the aptly titled "Space Academy."

I missed it at the time, but they released a single last December, too, "How Do I Know When to Say Goodnight," which offers an even spacier side of the band.

Woodsist announced the Eat Skull signing last week. This week, they saved the honor for another Portland act, the Woolen Men. Check out their new cut below.

When it comes to condiments, mayonnaise is at the bottom of my list, but this song ranks higher, even if the Smashing Pumpkins beat them to the title (just subtract one "n"). The vocals are a little indistinct—sounds like Alex Geddes is singing about "rusty bourbon," which can't be right, though I like the ring of that—but the rollicking drums and sparkling tambourine are hard to resist (I like to imagine that sparks will fly from a tambourine if you shake it hard enough).

* I know: I'm a bad American, because I can't stand chicken salad and tuna sandwiches.

Woodsist releases Eat Skull's III on Feb 19 and Woolen Men's S/T debut on Mar 5.