Maybe you remember Cassidy, the Philly-born hustla who caught wreck in the early 2000's when he got signed by Alicia Keys' future boo? Who later caught a murder rap and ended up doing a bid for manslaughter? Maybe you were, like me, only dimly aware of a lyrical beef as of late between he and Maybach Music's Philly rep Meek Mill? At some point before they started trading diss songs, Meek mocked a new song of Cassidy's—that worst of ideas, a prophylactic-themed rap remix of the modern-day Macarena, PSY's "Gangnam Style". And now, what I would think is the end of Cassidy's most strange career trajectory: his video for "Condom Style:

To quote the best rap scribe in the biz, IMO: "cassidy is insufferable, even when he's right."