(Chop Suey) I owe the discovery of transplanted Midwest indie band Seapony to a bar/cafe in Manhattan. I forgot the name of the place and its location, but do recall the exact moment (8:30 p.m., October 13, 2011) and what I was doing (watching from a window a movie, Dark Passage, that was projected from the bar/cafe to a brick wall across a parking lot) when the tune "Blue Star" appeared on the surrounding speakers. Bogart was holding Bacall with all his life as the singer on the tune, Jen Weidl, sang with great ease and pop prettiness about something that was almost of no importance. I bought Seapony's album Go with Me a day or so later and played it regularly for about three months. I did not fall in love with the record; I had, instead, an affair with it. Instead of giving all my attention to heavy and challenging records, I found myself spending a lot of time with Seapony's light, breezy, and even summery rock tunes.