Yes, the Based God loves you. He said it pefectly in this cut from last March's God's Father mixtape, the second song by him to be titled "I Love You":

Residents of Based World already know that this video's setting is a legendary (and perhaps even secrete) part of Lil B's childhood.

Remember the East Bay Vivarium? I said, Lil B, remember the Vivarium? —"Letter To Brandon"

I know, I know, there's a rapper in the reptile store crying. But I feel him, I really do. I've gone home after being gone for years, and had feelings and memories I hadn't felt or thought about in a decade, and done the same fucking thing.

I've also been struggling—and you know I love struggling—just like every single person I know, rich or poor. The unpretentious honesty and the punk soul in much of Lil B's music has, in the last few years, moved me more than a million rappers' attempts at imitating (or becoming) the ultra-rich, recreating lyrical greatness, or staging showy emo drama. Lil B dedicates this song to everybody that's alive, everybody that's dead, and everybody that loves him; it's a simple, stirring little nursery rhyme, and it's been one of my favorite songs of his since I first heard it. May Lil B's rare tears forever seal this love letter to the world. TYBG.