UGH. I lost $100 to someone who thought they could be vegan longer than me.

Here's the thing, I'm a life-long vegetarian, am not super into milk, and think eggs are foul (HA, like fowl)! But seriously, SEE HOW THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE EASIEST $100 EVER? I love cheese dearly, but the person I was betting against is the meatiest meat eater of all meat time.

So, after six days of easy breezy veganism, I was felled by a goddamned Andes chocolate mint. On accident! I don't even like Andes mints! I know they have milk in them! The mint just happened to be on top of my Bait Shop check.

Apparently if you put even sort of edible candy in front of me, I will eat it. Sugar is my best frenemy. Sugar will tell me my new bangs look nice, even if sugar noticed they go waaay too far back on my head like Rod Stewart. Sugar thinks it's funny when I look bad.

I've been quelling my rage by searching for vegan/vegetarian songs, which is the funniest thing to write a song about. I could only think of Gorilla Biscuits - "Cats and Dogs", the Smiths - "Meat is Murder" of course, and Hot Lava - "Blue Dragon"... Are there more?