What's poppin' boy-boy? Has Cam'Ron ever even been to Seattle? There's a huge following for Killa here, which is understandable, seeing as Dipset are one of the most influential crews of this century so far. Look no farther than Nacho Picasso, perfect pick for opener, seeing as how he has explicitly named Cam and Mac Dre to be his main influences, and if you listen to any of his shit, you can definitely hear it. I hit the guy up real quick to ask about some of his favorite Cam moments:

Man... Confessions Of Fire came out when I was in middle school. I loved that one, cuz he was still kinda weird. Those lines, they were the most disrespectful shit ever! When Come Home With Me came out, I went crazy. I had the American flag durag, the rags with the matching jerseys and everything. I used to bag up crack for Jordan money, we all used to just bag up and listen to that album. Dip Set is like the soundtrack to nickle-and-diming!

That said, at The Crocodile? This show will be crazy as hell, doggie.