• Poster by Aaron D.C. Edge
Legend tells of a drummer whose talent for remaining upright and functional behind his drum kit after inhaling copious amounts of weed and downing what could amount to a kiddie pool full of Pabst Blue Ribbon, was known throughout the land. His resume consists of being in some of the finer underground punk and metal bands in the Seattle area. Ben McIsaac, the lab rat of drummers, has never been one to commit to a single band. He's always entertaining three or four at a time thus the long running, annual blooper reel event humbly known as Ben Fest, which pits all of McIsaac's bands on one quaint bill for one destructive evening.

Here comes the sad news, Ben McIsaac will be relocating from our little rain-city of a village to the glamorous, yet roach-ridden drags of Brooklyn, New York. Now before you “Booooooo” and throw your rotten tomatoes, you have to hear my good news! All four of McIsaac's bands are burning a hole in his pocket and there's still time for one final Ben Fest! You want crusty, thrash punk? Have a friend babysit your bandana'd dog and get to the show on time for the reunion/demolition of Enforcer. Hopefully they'll bust out their fierce rendition of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." Next we have the catchy pop/punk coating over a surf rock candied center which is Sweet Pups. Erica Brunner (McIsaac's better half) lays down the tasty guitar riffs, coaxing your feet to move to the effervescent beat. Did I mention there's a fucking keytar?

Then there's this douchebaggery of a hardcore band called Don Peyote. I highly recommend you save your choice heckling and empty cans purely to hurl at these folks. My only request is that you take it lightly on the guitar player as she, me, is currently undergoing cosmetic surgery to become the next Vanna White and my botox injection sights are still healing. At this point in the evening, those in the gambling community can place their bets on how much longer McIsaac will be able to stay upright under his own power. Perfect timing for one of the most beer-scented, forked tongued, almost seven years strong straight up punk bands, Shit Gets Smashed to take to the streets and play their LAST SHOW EVER. It's gonna be a slobber knocker and it's all going down this Saturday, the 12th at the Black Lodge. Come bid Ben McIsaac bon voyage and bring a plastic poncho, things may get a little weird.