I completely slept on rapper Antwon last year, but thanks to the announcement from Greedhead kingpin Himanshu on "the twitter" that the San Jose native would be releasing an album on his label, I've been listening ever since.

His latest release, End Of Earth, is a pleasant cross pollination of the by-now-practically-patented Seattle drug n' thug style and a mellow-hyphy Bay Area tone. Rapping over production by the likes of the rising Steel Tipped Dove and the recently retired Big Baby Gandhi (sad face) dude paints a typical tough guy persona over horror movie score on one track, then drops a some red cup party rhymes over new jack era beats the next:

Old guard hiphop sentinels have developed the annoying habit of labeling these cats '"Tumblr rap", but I call it enjoyable, and Antwon calls it free over on his bandcamp, so have a listen.

See also: his video for the track "Helicopter" from even earlier last year. Directed by Brandon Tauszik, they're both salutes to pre HDTV era music televison cinematopgraphy, with road trip-inspiring shots of the Yay Area's warmer climes. On "Helicopter", they've even taken the Steve Mcqueen chase scene through the hilly streets of San Francisco from the movie Bullit, and seamlessly integrated it with their own Lalo Schifrin sounding sample.