Music-industry pundit Bob Lefsetz thinks so. In his newsletter from Jan. 7 ("Face Facts"—facts!), he writes that the album is “A circle jerk in a world where nobody has time for anything but the best. I hope you have fun making your long player, because you’re the only one who cares!”

My, oh my, that’s rather extreme, Bobby. Such sweeping generalizations proclaimed without a trace of self-doubt are typical of Lefsetz. Sometimes the man is right and his advice is helpful. Other times he’s so off the mark it’s a wonder he’s not working for a major label.

Regarding albums: People are still making ’em by the many thousands every year and, yes, most aren’t worth your time; however, many are—hundreds, I'd say. I and millions of others still think the album is a valid, fulfilling art form. But the loud, confident Bob Lefsetz scoffs at your painfully outmoded mindset. This calls for a poll.